OpenMS File Converter error KniMet

Dear all,
I am using the KniMet workflow for the processing of mass spectrometry-metabolomics data and when executing the Feature Annotation node I get the following error:
ERROR FileConverter 0:829:0:719 Failing process stdout: [Warning: Parameters file version (2.3.0) does not match the version of this tool (2.4.0)., Your current parameters are still valid, but there might be new valid values or even new parameters. Upgrading the INI might be useful., Detected a header line., Error: Unable to write file (the file ‘C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\knime_KniMet1_2_21692\fs-FileC_0-829-0-719-1714\000\000\FileConverter_0\temp.mzData’ could not be created; invalid file extension, expected ‘featureXML’)]
ERROR FileConverter 0:829:0:719 Failing process stderr: [Non-fatal error while loading ‘C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\FileConverter599407562\params.ini’: Double conversion error of “”]
ERROR FileConverter 0:829:0:719 Execute failed: Failed to execute node FileConverter

I tried to work with previous versions of OpenMS but still didn’t work. Is there any idea of how I could fix this?
Thank you in advance!


Hi Katerina,

you need to navigate into the Feature Annotation Metanode (Ctrl+Doubleclick) and potential Metanodes inside that until you reach the FileConverter node that is mentioned in the error.
There you have to check the configuration settings (especially the OutputType Tab).


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Hi Julianus,
thank you very much!! That solved the problem!