What's the reason for the following error?

ERROR OMSSAAdapter         0:75       Failing process stdout: [Progress of 'loading spectra list':, ,   8.07 %               ,   15.73 %               ,   22.88 %               ,   30.03 %               ,   37.05 %               ,   43.76 %               ,   50.53 %               ,   57.75 %               ,   65.30 %               ,   74.17 %               ,   81.50 %               ,   88.14 %               ,   92.32 %               ,   96.41 %               , -- done [took 11.43 s (CPU), 14.26 s (Wall)] -- , Progress of 'loading chromatogram list':, , -- done [took 0.00 s (CPU), 0.00 s (Wall)] -- , Chunk size is <=0; disabling chunking of input! If OMSSA crashes due to memory allocation errors, try setting 'chunk_size' to a value below 30000 (e.g., 10000 is usually ok)., Progress of 'OMSSA search':, Error: OMSSA problem! See above for OMSSA error. If this does not help, increase 'debug' level and run again., Note: This message can also be triggered if you run out of space in your tmp directory or (32bit OMSSA only) OMSSA ran out of RAM because chunking was not used (that's the default) or 'chunk_size' was too large (>30k). Look above!, OMSSAAdapter took 01:25 m (wall), 36.40 s (CPU), 0.72 s (system), 35.68 s (user).]

ERROR OMSSAAdapter         0:75       Failing process stderr: ["..\..\..\..\..\..\..\src\algo\ms\omssa\omssacl.cpp", line 216: Fatal: COMSSA::Run() - Unable to open blast library "D:\Temporary Data Storage\Zhenbin\XenopusV91" with error:NCBI C++ Exception:,     "..\..\..\..\..\..\..\src\objtools\blast\seqdb_reader\seqdbalias.cpp", line 319: Error: ncbi::CSeqDBAliasNode::x_ResolveNames() - No alias or index file found for protein database [D:\Temporary Data Storage\Zhenbin\XenopusV91] in search path [C:\Users\GROUPM~1\AppData\Local\Temp\OMSSAAdapter529678304;;], ]

ERROR OMSSAAdapter         0:75       Execute failed: Failed to execute node OMSSAAdapter


is the *.psq index file present with the same name in the same directory as your fasta?

If so, how did you generate it?



Hi Julianus,

Yes, the *.psq index file present with the same name is in the same directory as the fasta file. The *.psq index file was produced by using ProteoWizard 3.0.





Hey Zhenbin,

to wrap this up for future users (it was solved on the mailing list), it seems like not all index files were present with the same name, right?

Of course the *.psq file is only one of multiple files (*.phr and *.pin). Please generate all of them with the same name, e.g. with the command: 

makeblastdb -dbtype prot -in test.fasta

We will update the error message.