OpenNLP NE Tagger problem after preprocessing

Hello everybody,
I’m facing the following problem:
E.g. person tagging works fine if I tag the content (emails) immediately after reading the input file. But if I make a lot of text pre-processing before tagging it doesn’t work and I don’t know why.
I have no problems when using the amazon comperehend entity tagger. So that’s a work around for me.
I’ve created an extract of the overall workflow to provide.
Thanks for help

Hello @dgoebel -

You mentioned creating an extract of the workflow, but I don’t see any attachments or screenshots. Could you upload it? I have a couple of ideas, but it would help to have your workflow handy to check:

  1. Are you applying the tagging to your Document column, as opposed to the Pre-processed Document column?

  2. Is the pre-processing signficantly altering proper names in an unintended way?

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