Opposite of Column to Grid (deprec) ?

Somehow today isn't my Knime day it seems....

I am looking for the opposite of Column to Grid. Say I havea two columns which I transformed into a matrix representation. Now I want to reverse this matrix after some manipulation to it's original order in two columns.

Never used it, and it's been around for ages... Anyway, the way I read it it's not supposed to be undone (mostly for reporting purposes), but if you absolutely have to try "Column list loop start" on all columns of the grid, followed by "Column rename (Regex)" with "(.+) \(.*\)" as the RegEx search string (sans quotes), and "$1" (sans quotes) as the replacement. Close off with a "Column append loop end" and clean up eventual missing values and RowIDs afterwards.


Thanks. I can see how that could help, but I still get the same table back. Btw, not sure what the column rename is good for?


But: I find something much simpler in the meantime - Unpivot Table node does the trick. Value colums: Select all, Retained columns: none.

Depending on how your grid is set up (left right, up/down) one might have to throw in a transpose before.