Optimization Problem: Two Sources, 6000 Targets, minimization Distance

Hi there.

Although quite new to KNIME, I did already some workflows. But now it seems that I need more advanced help.

My Company has one location (A) and approx. 6000 customers around Europe. We now open a second location (B).

We Now have to decide, which customer will be delivered from A or from B. Each customer has a certain distance from A and (of course) a different distance from B. Each Customer can either be delivered from A or from B. Thus, we want to minimize the overall transportation distance. So we have to analyze the optimal set-up: who will be delivered from A and who from B. And with 6000 customers, there a MANY different possibilities/scenarios (2 to the power of 6000)—too many to calculate them all, right?

Got my point? I thinkt the Problem is described quite easy, but I am afraid That the answer won‘t be as easy, right? I tried something with the Optimization Loop, but I get the feeling that ist ist Not the right way.

Many thanks for your help. Great forum.
All the best

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Hi Maik,

it’s admittedly been a while since my studies, but is this really an “optimization problem”? To me it sounds like a simple binary decision A vs. B which you make for each customer? :thinking:

If this is the case, this could be easily achieved, e.g. with the Rule Engine.

Also the Geo Distances might come in handy here to calculate the distance in km between given points!

– Philipp


May be the

from Network mining may help.

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Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.
Sure, qqilihq, it is just a selection problem. I solved it with the simple rule engine. Great. Had calculated the distances with GEO node earlier. Workx also great. Task now done. Many thanks for the nudge.

Best, Maik


Hi there @Maik_Schlickel,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Deciding where to open another location is a real optimization problem but seems you already done that :slight_smile:


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