Option to hide 'Delete this result' message in Web Portal?

Is there a way to hide the ‘Delete this result’ message at the bottom of the page when running a workflow in the Web Portal?

Many users don’t understand that this message refers to the workflow job and not the outputs of the workflow (since these are often not the same thing). These same users also don’t need to have a say in whether or not the job is retained (especially if they don’t know what a ‘job’ is), so it would be preferable to just set a default and have the option to hide the message altogether. Except for diagnostic purposes, it is very rare that we ever untick the box anyhow.

If the message can’t be hidden, perhaps it could be reworded so that people don’t get confused, or at least unnecessarily worried. Something like ‘Delete/Retain this job at completion’ would not mean much to the average user, but at least it would not make them think that they are going to lose something important.

Hi @AngusVeitch1,

Thanks for your concerns, Yes the message “Delete this result” can be misleading sometimes and we have already taken this into account and will be implemented in the new UI release, which we are planning to release sometime this year.

Thanks for understanding.

Nagarjun S

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Thanks for the update!

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