Option to move table view from the bottom to the side

Hi. Could we please have the option to move the Modern UI’s table view from the bottom of the screen to the side (probably the right side)?

Wider screen monitors are becoming more common, and it would make more efficient use of available screen real estate and would allow more table rows to be viewed at once.

Being able to move the UI elements wherever the user likes would be ideal - or better yet, enabling them to pop elements out into separate panels. However, if that’s not feasible, then offering a number of different pre-defined arrangements might do.

Hi @rsherhod -

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your request, but the ability to pop out the node monitor was introduced in 5.2:

More here:

Ah, cool. I didn’t realise that.

That said, my main request is to be able to move the embedded node monitor to the right, rather than the bottom. The reason for wanting this is that the node monitor eats up a lot of vertical screen space, leaving a letter box for the workflow editor. Screens are getting wider, but not taller, so having the option to use more horizontal space would be nice.

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