Option to open file after Excel Writer execution

Hey @Mark_Ortmann and @SimonS,
where can I find the option to open file after executing it? or is there any workaround for this missing feature?



Hello riddhisanghoi,
we have removed this option from the new Excel Writer for two main reasons. The writer can now write to many different file systems including remote where we can not open the file with your local running Excel program. In addition the option would not work when the workflow is executed on the KNIME Server where KNIME is executed without a user interface.
For which use case do you need this option? Would it be also ok if we provide you with a Component on the KNIME Hub that you can drag & drop onto your workflow that uses a Java Snippet node that would open Excel once the file has been written?


@tobias.koetter, it would be nice to return this option back for local file system. I practically always insert a table and make little formatting on result files and email them to recipients. My compony does not allow automatic emailing. KNIME never approved option for automatic table insertion. In case I inputted couple of pages only last appender needs to opened Excel.
Also, why it became a bad idea to have a field selector?

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Hello riddhisanghoi and izaychik63,
we will re-introduce the option to open Excel to the new Excel Writer node with KNIME 4.3.1 which will be released soon. The option will only work for local files and when the workflow is running in the KNIME Analytics Platform. Thanks for your valuable feedback.


Thank you, @tobias.koetter. It’s a really great news.

You can do this with a Java snippet, for any kind of file type. Here’s an example I posted a while ago:




Hi @qqilihq, Thanks for the very useful workflow example. I used it in building a component that allows me to easily open a specified folder/file location (or the workflow location) within a workflow.

It’s also useful just to casually drop on a workflow so I can quickly open the workflow folder or data folder by executing it when I need to. It can be added into the flow via flowports and (best of all! )it can be “disabled” so it doesn’t keep opening stuff when I’ve got bored with it :wink:


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