Option to Reset Workflow When Saving to Hub

Please have the option to reset workflow when saving to Hub.

When uploading from an existing local workflow into the Hub this question is asked. Why is it not asked on save when working on a Hub copy of a workflow?

Also add a tag for Hub (Free/Teams) and another for ModernUI in the forum please.

Hi @XiozTzu and thank you for your feedback,

Editing a workflow from a Hub space is like editing a local workflow and when you save it, the behaviour is the same and saves all the changes directly to the workflow on Hub. But uploading a local workflow to Hub manually is different.
But I get your point and maybe there could be an option to “reset and save” the workflow.
I’ll discuss this internally.

@armingrudd also if you open a workflow from the olde 4.x GUI that has a different title the name will be reset to the technical name and th individual title is gone unfortunately …

Hi @mlauber71,

That’s because of the new workflow metadata structure which doesn’t support a “Title” element. So when you save the old workflow with the new version, the old “title” appears in the description and the workflow “Name” will be used in the workflow Hub page.