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How can I write this function in rule engine:

if a > (b OR c OR d OR e) => “a > b”

I write: $a$ > $b$ OR $c$ => “a > b” and it didn’t work.

How can i solve it?

Hi @sebastian911

The right way of writing this multiple condition in a rule engine is as follows:

($a$ > $b$) OR ($a$ > $c$) OR  ($a$ > $d$) OR ($a$ > $e$) => "a > others"
TRUE => "a <= others"

Is that what you need ?
Hope it helps.



Thank you!
It’s works

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@aworker Can you help me with another question?

($string1$ = “text1”) AND ($string2$ = “text2”) AND $number$ = 0 AND $string$ = “1” => “Solution1”

What I’m doing wrong here? Its not error in rule engine node, but i dont have any results on new column.

Hi @sebastian911 ,

you have written a series of conditions. When true, your input is “Solution 1”, but what happens if not true?

Try this:

($string1$ = “text1”) AND ($string2$ = “text2”) AND $number$ = 0 AND $string$ = “1” => “Solution1”
TRUE => "Solution2"

Rule engine works line by line. If the first condition is not met, the second one will be assessed. In the case above, when condition #1 is FALSE, the second one is always TRUE.

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I like to think of that last TRUE => “something” line of the equation as the final “else” of an if statement. If you say “else” to yourself as you type ”TRUE => “ for a while it will become second nature pretty quickly.


Hi @sebastian911

We do not have access to your data and without it, we can only guess.

Maybe try the following:

($string1$ = "text1") AND ($string2$ = "text2") AND ($number$ = 0) AND ($string$ = "1") => "Solution1"
TRUE => "Solution2"


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