Oracle Bind Variables in KNIME

Guten Morgen, 

I was wondering if there is a way to use bind variables when querying database (Oracle in my case) in Knime. I thought that Parameterized Database Query would do the trick, but after reading the description I'm not 100% sure. 

How do you handle queries you have to execute in a loop? 

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Hi Joseph,

Using bind variables in the strict sense like they are used in Oracle is not possible in KNIME. However, you could for example build your query strings in KNIME and then use the Database SQL Executor node to execute those queries. This would also work in a loop where a different query is constructed in each iteration.



Hi Roland,

That's a pity, can you add it as feature request/idea? I think it would help greatly, especially when you have to run query 1,000 times with different filter and multiple joins. 

I'm doing the loop now, so it's fine, just want to avoid the rage of database admins :) 

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