oracle connector with db looping

I have an oracle database connection where I want to get the data from using a column from another table to filter (let’s say table b). I used a DB Table Selector to pick the table from oracle, which has 460k rows in it.

I tried both Parameterized DB query Reader and DB Looping node with table b at port 1 and the oracle table at port 2 but both of them were stuck running with a message “Copying input object at port 2”.

Is the DB looping trying to copy the full data before the filtering with table b?

Please let me know if there is a way to mitigate it.

Hello @likhangy,

according to this topic this is expected to be slow in certain cases:

You can always read data into KNIME (460k is rather small table) and then use Reference Row Filter node to filter it. Should be much faster.


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Thank you for the suggestion, Ivan, I will do that. I do expect the table would continue to grow so I guess I will revisit this when the table is getting too big.

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