Oracle Database Connector with SID


I try to connect to a remote database using the database reader node.

I have the following information about the database available: Host, Port, SID.


the connector asks for "host", "port" and "database_name". "Host" and "Port" are clear but I don't know what to enter as "database_name". I tried entering the SID by I get the following error:

TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

I can connect to the database via SQL Developer no problem so its not a connection/database problem.

Any advice?

Thank you


you should be able to connect to the database by using the SID as the database_name. For details about the jdbc connect string see the OraFAQ.

Don´t you also need to specify the jdbc connect string in the SQL Developer? If that is the case just use the same string in the Database Connector node.



Hello Tobias,

thank you for your input. Problem has been solved by using


as connection string.