Oracle rdb connection

Does anyone know if it is possible to connnect to an Oracle rdb database? If so, please can you help?

Please follow the steps mentioned in this thread: oracle connection

If you run into any problems, please let me know.

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Thanks for the link to the thread but I have already done this and realised that it explains how to connect to an Oracle database, NOT an Oracle Rdb which are older and require a different driver and information.
I have been unable to find any mention of Oracle Rdb setup with KNIME, I assume it is not supported? That would be a shame!
When setting this up via ODBC Data Source Administrator I have to select Oracle Rdb Driver and then in the configuration dialogue I have to enter valid information for the ‘Data Source Name:’, ‘Transport’ (usually 2=tcp/ip), ‘Server:’, ‘Class:’ and ‘UserID:’. Then connection will require a password.
Do you know if this is possible with KNIME?

Sorry for confusing the database names. Unfortunately I don’t have an Oracle rdb database ready for testing, but I assume it should be possible to connect to it with the generic Database Connector node after installing the respective JDBC driver ( Did you give this a try already?


I have tried following the link but I am having trouble completing the task.
Under “Oracle JDBC for Rdb” I Click on Rdb JDBC Driver Alpha (15 August 2017). {Other option is “Itanium”}. This directs me to a new page where, under “Oracle JDBC for Rdb”, I select “Rdb JDBC Driver for Alpha ( 31.7MB 15-Aug-2017”.
I have extracted the zip file but the folder only contains the following files:
The pdf says on page 25:

1.3.5 Rdb Thin driver software on Windows
If you are developing or deploying Windows applications that use the Oracle JDBC for Rdb thin driver, you will have to copy the provided RDBTHIN.JAR file to each of the Windows systems you will be using. In addition you should consult your application, IDE or Microsoft Windows software guides to determine how to let the application or development environment know where the Rdb thin driver jar can be found.
In order to facilitate installation of the Rdb thin driver on your Windows client systems, included in the Oracle JDBC for Rdb installation kit are two Microsoft Software Installation images, OracleJDBCForRdbClient73000.msi and OracleJDBCForRdbClient73000X64.msi that may be used on your client Windows systems to install the RdbThin and the RdbThinControl jars.
The OracleJDBCForRdbClient73000X64.msi may be used on Windows 64 Bit systems. OracleJDBCForRdbClient73000.msi can also be used on Windows 64 Bit systems; however the installation will be placed in the 32 bit subsystem.
Once the appropriate MSI file has been copied to your Windows system, double-click the filename to invoke the Microsoft installer, and then follow the directions provided by the installation Wizard.
This installation will place a copy of the RdbThin and RdbThinControl jars as well as the current JDBC documentation into the designated installation directory on your Windows system.
In addition, pointers to the uninstall procedure, the Rdb Thin Controller shortcut and documentation will be added to your Program Menu.

However, I do not see these files so i am unable to continue. What am I doing wrong?