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Hello, I am trying to connect to an Oracle Spatial Database in order to use Geo Spatial Nodes.
The connection via Oracle DB Connector, DB Table Selector and DB Reader is working.
However, the column with the geometry is outputted as a string. The content of the column, for example “oracle.sql.STRUCT@76e6c5ca”, is also not usable.
How can I make sure that this column is outputted as type Geometry?

thank you, regards

Hello everyone who is interested,

In the meantime, I have found the solution myself.
Starting from the “Oracle Connector” Node, the “DB Query Reader” follows with an SQL statement, such as:
SD_UTIL.TO_WKTGEOMETRY (“columnname with the geometry data”) AS geometry_column_wkt
Then a WKT to “Geometry Node” follows to project the WKT back into its original geometry.
Then you can process the geometry further.

example on knime hub

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Great! Glad you found a workaround, and thanks for posting an example WF on the Community Hub featuring that! :+1:

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