Oracle sql node connection

Dear All
I have access to sql oracle connections and therefore I would like to know how the oracle node connections are made in knime

What I don’t know is what I should do in the section called driver name

Se adjunta imagen marcado en amarillo con mi consulta y que gestión o acción debo realizar

You have to upload an Oracle JDBC Driver: KNIME Database Extension Guide


Thank you Wali

However , I do not know what I should enter in the attached image to be able to carry out the management correctly
Could you specify what I should enter in each section?

You can give any ID or Name, then upload your driver from the Add File button and click Find Driver Class.



Sorry to bother you again, I’m not a programmer and it’s my first time in knime, could you guide me with screens or specifically where to find what is needed to make the connection.

Thanking you once again for your support

You need to download the Oracle JDBC Driver from JDBC Drivers | Oracle then click on Add File and point to the JDBC you just downloaded. Then click on Find driver classes and then OK



Thank you so much Wali

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Together with greeting, I present the following situation:
I have access to several database on SQL Oracle which I can enter the Oracle node (with the corresponding credentials, hostname and databasename) independently, however at the time of making a new workflow I lose access and I must return to Enter them manually, for the above I ask
Is there a way of entering the connections and being saved in Knime or specifically in the Oracle node?

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