Oracle varray type mapping

Dear all,

in our Oracle DB we have a column of type
varray (3800) of BINARY_FLOAT
which I would like to map to a KNIME collection type.

In Knime analytics platform 4.1.3 (also tried in the nightly 2.7.2020) I’m using the (non-legacy) DB Connector with a JDBC8-19 driver. In the input type mapping this column is shown as “array” and mapped to “string->string” which shoes me a hash, but not the data (which would be a float array).
I cannot find a mapping to a collection.

Is there a way to map this float array to a KNIME collection type? Or any other recommendation how to handle it?

These float array values represent a kind of compound descriptor which we would like to use to predict compound properties. So for each compound we would like to use this vector as input for a machine learning algorithm to train a model and do predicions.

@Jeany I guess this might be a common scenario how KNIME is used in Pharma and might help others as well, so any help here is highly appreciated!


Hey Manuel,

Thanks for reaching out. The current database framework doesn’t currently support reading/writing arrays. If you want to work with them, you could try converting to a string, or breaking it up into multiple columns.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Wali Khan

Any plans to add support for DB arrays? It would be very welcomed. Multiple columns are not feasible with variable-length arrays, and conversion to a string results in a distorted implementation of the DB’s conceptual model that complicates later queries.

Yes we plan to support DB arrays in the future.

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Dear @tobias.koetter ,
we’re really excited about the DB array support. Any updates there?

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