OSCAR Tagger Node


I found some information about Oscar Tagger here: https://www.knime.org/files/nodedetails/_labs_textprocessing_tagging_Oscar_tagger.html

However, I couldn't find the node to use. I have the latest Knime analytic Platform 3.3.3.

Where I can find this node?

The Oscar Tagger is part of the KNIME Textprocessing Plugin. You'll need to install the Plugin (which is part of the KNIME Labs Extensions)  in order to use that node.

Yes I found it. Thanks a lot for your hint. I have another question. I think the Oscar node in Knime is limited. For example I cannot get the structure data such as INCHI, INCHIKEY, etc., along with the annotated entities (I didn't find any option for that). Or I miss something?

Hey knimee, 

the OSCAR tagger node is just for named-entity recognization. The entities will be tagged with tags like CM for compound. That's basically it. It is not possible to retrieve structure data directly from those tagged entites via the OSCAR tagger node. 

To get the chemical structures, you could filter the tagged entities and do a look up with the ChEBI Searcher and Retriever nodes.



Hi Julian,

Thanks for your replay. Obtained the chemical structures features along with the annotated entity is integrated in Oscar java application. I thought this is the case also with Oscar Knime node.