OSM MAP Data To Graph

i actually want to generate graphical reprsentation of OpenStreetMap so that i can apply dijkstra algorithm and other graph thoery related logics in Knime. Is it Possible to represent OSM in graphical form in order to apply dijkastra algorithm. can anyone help to generate dummy worklow for the same?

Few thoughts on the subject:

1) OpenStreetMap data can be exported to XML

2) KNIME can read/manipulate XML

3) KNIME can work with networks (graph being part of them)

I believe you can read OSM XML into KNIME, manipulate it to simplify the nodes, turn it into a network, apply the routing algortihm to the network

You may also have a look at this KNIME White Paper which has many similar elements to your problem.

Far from a full solution but I hope this helps anyway.


is it not possible to directly read shapefile and then represent it into networks? is there any node which can convert shapefile to XML form ?