OSM maps not loading all tiles

I have an issue with map tiles loading in “OSM Map View” node and “OSM Map to Image” node. The issue is that only some tiles of each resolution load and then when I try to view or export an image I see Black tiles with Red crosses in them. I also saw this forum topic come up in older versions of KNIME however haven’t seen any solution to this.

This issue happens with Wikimedia Map.

With OS OpenMap Local (Oct 2022) it has UK but Northern Ireland is missing
With OS OpenData StreetView (April 2016) it has UK but Northern Ireland is missing

Bing doesn’t have any problem however on Bing, because it is a true image, markers don’t show as well.

If you have any other Map data which works and you can suggest, please let me know.


Hi @iCornerstone ,
Thanks for reporting the issue. Regarding the other map data, could you please try this:

Preferences > Knime > Open Street Map > Update List

Here you can check the other available maps.



Hi @iCornerstone,

thanks for reporting. Unfortunately, we will currently not fix this. The issue is that only a specific amount of tiles from Wikimedia can be downloaded per … time unit with these nodes.

However, I recommend using the new Geospatial Analytics Extension for KNIME – KNIME Community Hub .

Best regards


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