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Hi, I’m new with KNIME and this is my first post in the community. I’m very pleased to be here with you all.

I have a problem with email parsing. I’m reading some .msg files with Tika parse, and I’m very interested in capture data in which the email was sent.

However, after trying this node, I only can see in the resulting table, “Date created” and “Date modified” fields, but not “email send date”.

Does anyone have an idea of how can I achieve to capture this information?

thank you in advance

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Hey @Sgomezba,

unfortunately, the Tika Parser can only parse generic information in this case since it can be used to parse files that are unrelated to mails as well. However, I would try to extract every field that the Tika Parser is able to extract and check if the information is stored in some of these fields.
When it comes to mails, the content field often stores the original mail text but also a header that contains mail addresses as well as dates (e.g. the date the mail was sent). If that exists we can extract it from that column by using the String Manipulation, Column Expressions or Regex Split node.




@julian.bunzel Thank you for your reply
Unfortunately, after parsing the emails, there is not any field with the sent date. This is the only data not being captured. Everything else is correct.

email parser

However, for the analysis I have to make, this field is absolutely necessary, so I guess I will have to go through the files one by one and add the field manually

Hi @Sgomezba,

can you check whether the sent date is part of the content? Usually you can find it there.


Hello @julian.bunzel

yes, this is the first thing I imagined when I retrieved data from the email, but surprisingly, this information is the only one that does not appear in the content field.

the only solution I thought was to forward the email , and then capture the content as a whole incluiding the send date

anyway, because I already started the job and i’m in a rush, I’m copying-pasting in 500 emails. In the meantine i will make research in case i have to repeat this in the future

thank for your support

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Have you tried using any software separate from this program?