Output columns of MetaboliteSpectralMatcher and AccurateMassSearch nodes

I would like to ask what is the meaning/definition of two specific columns in the output of MetaboliteSpectralMatcher and AccurateMassSearch nodes.

  1. The opt_global_id_group column from AccurateMassSearch node.
  2. The opt_source_idx column from MetaboliteSpectralMatcher node.

What does it mean when metabolites have the same opt_global_id_group but differ completely in the rest of the values? Also, can more than one metabolite have the same opt_source_idx?


Without looking it up I think opt_global_id_group can be used to group potential identifications for a single feature. They should match in the columns that are specific to the feature but differ in the columns belonging to the ID.

opt_source_idx is the index of the observed spectrum that was matched. There should also be opt_source_nativeID for the native identifier of the same “source” spectrum. How many you get per spectrum should depend on your report_mode of course (top3 = 3, best = 1)

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