Output columns spec - batch processing


I can not execute my workflow in batch mode or using right click in the KNIME explorer.

The workflow uses a subnode for cleansing data in a recursive loop. (the loop uses a dictionary to replace terms)

Next node is "Strings to document node".

> data base reader > cleansing of data (including loop) > Strings  To Document (red) > further processing

If I did not execute the workflow until the loops end, I get the error message when opening the properties of Strings to document node:  "The dialog can not be opened for the following reasons: No column in spec compatible to String Value". The node status is red.

I can right click and execute on String Value node anyway and the complete workflow runs through.

But I can not right click in the KNIME Explorer to execute the complet workflow and I can not run the workflow in batch mode (fails with error code=4).

If I execute the workflow until the loops end, Strings to Documents turns green.

Problem is in the end, that I can not use batch mode to run the workflow.




Hi Bernd,

the "Problem" is the recursive loop. You there checked the option "output only last result"? We added this option as well for the possibility to have an unknown data configuration outputed in the last iteration (e.g. for column filtering).

However, that's why the recursive loop end does not provide the data table spec (if the above mentioned option is checked). So the consequent nodes can not be configured until the loop is fully done.

So if you run the loop once and than configure the strings to document and save, it should also run in the batch mode. (I guess it runs through because of autoguessing...)


Hello Iris,

Thanks for the fast reply and the explanation.