output of R script

I am new to KNIME and R and I am stuck.

I tried to do some descriptive statistics by:

R <-R
describe.by(R$logDiff, R$Species)
describe.by(R$logDiff, R$Source)
describe.by(R$logDiff, R$TargetOrgan)
describe.by(R$logDiff, R$MWrange2)

It runs fine, but where can I view the output?

and what is this error? i have no clue....

WARN FileAnalyzer Didn't get any value for column(s) with index #7. Please verify column type(s).




With the newest KNIME release we have added an additional view (available in the node's context menu) showing the standard output from the R call. The WARN indicates that the data returned by the R script contains missing, null values. Please note that result of the call need to be in a variable R which is written out as CSV and read in by KNIME.

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