Output processed rows with date

hi everyone,
I have tried different tools but unfortunately I havent found the right solution for me problem.

I have a workflow at the end of which I would like to output a small table with couple of information.

Number of unique rows processed
Date of when the workflow was run

Separately, I was able to achieve them but I want a running total of the rows run, or append to another row depending on the date of the run. for example:

NrRowsProcess | DateAndTime
123 | 09.04.2024 08:00:00
234 | 09.04.2024 08:15:00
345 | 10.04.2024 08:36:00

Is it possible to achive this somehow?

Thanks a mil,

Hello @matejek88 : D Hope you´re doing great.

I´m not an expert but I think I can help you.

You can retrieve the execution time or stablish it using “Wait” or “Date and Time Difference” nodes.
For the number of rows, probably the “Extract Table specs” should coming handy.


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You probably want to upload (if possible) your workflow to get better support from the community here