Overall Workflow Timeout


I’m wondering if there is a workflow timeout option or barring that someway of notifying me that a workflow is taking too log?

For example, we have a workflow that typically takes 10 minutes, but if it goes way over that time lets say 60 minutes, I would like it cancelled and marked as failure.

Is there any way to do this?

Hello @dataMover ,

using a KNIME Server you can set max execution time for a job:

com.knime.server.job.discard_after_timeout=<true|false> [RT]

Specifies whether jobs that exceeded the maximum execution time should be canceled and discarded (true) or only canceled (false). May be used in conjunction with com.knime.server.job.max_execution_time option. The default (true) is to discard those jobs.

Please consult this document for further configuration options:

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