Overlaying Graphs

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a visualisation in KNIME by overlaying a line graph over a histogram (with matching bins). I have plotted these independently but can’t work out a way to combine them onto the same graph (i.e. x axis showing the bins as categories, and 2 y axis showing the line graph and histogram values).

Is there a way of achieving this in KNIME?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @ZeqiG,

Overlaying views in KNIME is not possible. But this is planned and as soon as I find ticket (or create new one) will add your request to it. (Internal reference: AP-15096)

In the meantime (as suggested in another topic - adding info for other users here as well) one can use KNIME’s R or Python Integration (R View (Table) or Python View node) to achieve these kind of visualizations.


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