Overwriting Global Workflow Variables


I'm searching  a node/possibily for changing the values of multiple global variables. What I'm trying to do is to read in some kind of "setting" csv file in the beginning of my workflow in which the values for all my global variables are given and then set the global variables to those new values.

These global variables are used in multiple not directly connected nodes to define starting indices, cutoffs and so on...

I know the Java Edit Variable node but as far as I've seen it, you can only change one variable at time there. So what I've tried then was the Java Snippet node where I simply assigned values of local variables to the global variables. But the values did not change permanently.

So is there any way how I can achieve this ? Some kind of Setting File -->read in -->setting global variables ?

Or do I have to use local vars and pass them through my workflow ?

Thanks !

IF its a global variable you want to be passed to every single node in the workflow, simply right click on the workflow in the top left Workflow Projects panel, choose Workflow Variables.

In this little table, you can now add Global variables to every node.

Is this what you are after ?



Hm not really. I already defined all global variables like you explained, using some init values. But what I try to do is, change the values of the global variables after I defined them.

I know that I can also edit the global variables in the same menu where I can add them, but I try to do this with some node.


Edit: I think defining new global variables by using a node would also solve my problem as some variables are unknown and have to be computed during the workflow. It would help a lot if I could use those newly computed values as global variables. But actually I dont know if thats possible, too.

Global variables can not be changed globally on workflow level, but you can change them within a workflow and inject them whereever needed. One possibility is to define the variables to be overwritten inside the Table Creator, one column = one variable. and send the resulting table with only one row through the TableRow to Variable node. The output will contains the replaced "global" variables. Please also check out the QuickForm nodes and the Java Edit Variable node, those might become handy when dealing with variables, too.