package with 3 nodes


I have created 3 projects, each of them with the package org.mynodes.

In the export windows there are 3 occurrencies of org.mynodes, not 1.

Is it possible to include into the same package more than 1 node? (a single plugin with 3 nodes)


Sure, this is what we do with most our nodes. I suggest to use a different packages for each node, but all in one common plug-in.

I have 4 projects:

-Connection -> package org.Connection

-DB2Conn->package org.connection (lowercase)

-DB2Conn2->package org.connection (lowercase)

-Test->package org.Test

For example i need to create 1 plugin with all of these nodes. When i export i select all of the packages in the window "Available Plugin and Fragments". In "Destination" i select the output path and in "Options" i check "Package Plugins as individual JAR archive". The output is the folder Plugins with 2 files: org.Connection_1.0.0.jar and org.Test_1.0.0.jar. I think that i must rename the second and the third projects. Except that how can i achieve 1 jar (ex. org.Connections) with all the nodes above?


You need to put all nodes and packages into one single project/plug-in.

BTW, Java conventions say that package names should always start with lowercase characters.

Well it works Thanks