Palladian Installation

Hello Guys,

I am having trouble with Palladian installation.

my Knime just keeps loading may I know how long to install this extension and is this normal? I have waited for 20 minutes but it just keeps showing “installing software.”

Hey Nimisha1986,

The installation should be only a matter of minutes (depending on your internet connection of course - the download size is approximately 100 MB).

  1. I would suggest to switch to the Classic User interface and try it there. It will give you a proper progress report, instead of just an (awkwardly backwards) spinning wheel.

  2. One more thing to note: Unless explicitly needed, you can skip installation of the additional module “Palladian for KNIME: Deprecated Nodes (depends on KNIME Textprocessing)”. If you chose these, the download size might be much larger, as the Textprocessing plugin will be installed if it is not yet present.

  3. As a last resort, you could manually download a ZIP file and install from this instead of using the link.

Let me know if you got it working this way.



@Nimisha1986 How did it go?