Palladian Location Extractor

Im trying to use Palladian Location Extractor on this new version of Knime and I can´t figure out whats going on.

The error message is “user account not enable to use free webservice” but I followed all the steps several times and the username is correct.

Any help here?



Did you configure Palladian account in KNIME


Yep and just got a message now that I achieve 1000 requests and I should use the comercial version.
The point is that I didn´t use 1000 requests.
Tks anyway

For one text input there might easily be 10, 100 or 1000 or more requests, depending on the text length, as all potential location candidates must be queried against the DB. Also we check the location hierarchy for better prediction, which you can disable (check the node documentation).

If the free Geonames limit doesn’t suffice, we have the commercial “Local Gazetteer” package available which (1) avoids requests to the internet, (2) allows much higher speed, (3) doesn’t have a query limit. Get in touch for details.

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ok, tks for your explanation.
From my side, its a very pontual analisys were I´m running a sanitization on 2000 adresses from Brazil.
Is it possible to do it in batches?
The limited number of requests are defined per day?
Thanks again

The current limits according to GeoNames webservice and data download is:

  • 20’000 credits daily limit per application (identified by the parameter ‘username’), the hourly limit is 1000 credits. A credit is a web service request hit for most services. An exception is thrown when the limit is exceeded.
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