Parallel Chunk Loop crashes with "LocalToolExecutor: Error in stream gobbler."

The workflow below crashes with “LocalToolExecutor: Error in stream gobbler.” See screenshot and Log below. The workflow is nearly identical to the one in issue crash in Parallel Chunk End (multiple port) Only the “Parallel Chunk End (multiport)” was in replaced by the simpler “Parallel Chunk End”. The example workflow and input data were provided with the previous issue.

The class LocalToolExecutor is a part of the Generic KNIME Nodes plugin by the OpenMS and SeqAn guys. The error occurs in one of their nodes and the Parallel Chunk Loop End just reports that one of the nodes within the loop crashed. You have to check the content of the meta node created by the chunk loop start for errors.
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In a second run, the crash was not reproducible. Workflow did execute alright.

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