parallel connections to the same Oracle Database

Parallel connections to the same Oracle database at the same time are possible but is this also posile from KNIME?
I have one KNIME workflow with Database Connector Node to extract data from Oracle and it works fine.
But I need a socond one KNIME Workflow to extrakt data in parallel from the same Oracle Database and this does not work…
If I organize the parallel Data Extraktion with other tool e.g. Sqldeveloper or Pentaho, then both: KNIME Oracle Extaktion and Pentaho Oracle Extraktion work performant.
But why can not do this with 2 KNIME workflows? Is it perhaps some setting in Datbase Connector Node?

Many Thanks in advance.

PS: Parallel KNIME Workflows with Impala Connectoren work fine, but why not to oracle?

The only solution for Oracle I know is to use multiple DB Connectors in the same workflow for this parallel query readers.

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Many Thanks. Your answer helps.

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