Parallel coordinates color column

Hi guys,
I just noticed that the color for the lines were correctly assigned from the Color Colum parameter only if this column is also selected for display.

Below with my Class column used for color, the color is not applied unless I move Class to the set of selected columns.

Not dramatic, but is it expected ?

Below an example workflow
ParalellPlotColor.knwf (7,4 Ko)

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Hi @l.thomas

I will clarify with our developers if this is intended. If it’s really the case we should maybe add a note in the node description to make it clear.
In the meantime, I could show you a workaround that especially might be useful if you want to show more than only one plot in a view and you would like to keep the same color definition for all plots. You can also leave the class that defines the color out of the view.

For this, you could use the Color Manager node for example.



Hi Martyna,
Thanks for the reply !

I use that one too indeed, it’s great when combining several javascript view into components !


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