Parallel Execution Chunk Nodes Missing


I imported a workflow containing nodes :

- parallel chunk start 

- parallel chunk end

But I have an error because Parallel Chunk is not installed :

Status: Error: Node "Parallel Chunk Start" not available (provided by "KNIME GmbH, Konstanz, Germany"; plugin "org.knime.base" is installed)

But the problem is that I can't find these nodes in the update site. Tried with Knime 2.9.2. Then updated Knime to 2.9.4 but still the same.

I noticed in the change log to 2.9.4 a problem resolved about that:

  • Bug 5085: Parallel Chunk nodes not visible in Update Site list (need to uncheck "group items by category") -- should be in KNIME Labs

But even when I uncheck 'group items', the nodes don't appear.

Does anybody encountered the same problem? or better, have a solution? :-)




Hi Dan,

the Extension is called KNIME Virtual Nodes.

Can you see it? It's in labs

Cheers, Iris

Oops.. Didn't find that name on the knime documentation.

It's indeed named Virtual Nodes.

Everything is working fine now. Thank you!