Parallel Nodes: Enclose Each Chunk into individual Sub-Component / Meta-Node


whenever there is an individual issue which need to be addressed during execution in one Chunk, it is fairly impossible to get to the node in question due to the lack of structure.

Therefore, I’d like to propose to enclose each chunk into it’s individual Component / Meta Node.

The current workaround is to Right click and “Select Scope”. Then moving the nodes in question accordingly to gain space.

Speaking about Component vs. Metanode. Will the Parallel Chunk Node ever get Component Support? Not that this is of much relevance but the Meta Node feature is present still years after the introduction to components, though.


Hi @mwiegand,

How about encapsulating everything in the loop into a component/metanode? Then after execution, each chunk would be a component/metanode as well.


That would do the trick. “Stupid” question at this point as the parallel chunk nodes seem to utilize the old fashioned meta nodes instead of components. Will old features, like Meta nodes vs. Components or string based references vs. path type or classic vs. modern UI, ever get phased out?

Dear @mwiegand,

Regarding the mentioned features, I don’t think they will be removed (at least anytime soon), primarily for backward compatibility reasons.

That sounds like Knime is gradually becoming rather challenging to manage from a software development perspective but also, as observed and brought to attention by others since version 5, a less convincing experience for users :frowning_face:

Just to name a few:

  1. Mixed Node configuration User Interfaces like GroupBy with Modern UI despite using Classic
  2. Path Data Type Integration never finished
  3. Various Performance regressions (Rendering Preview, Saving data / workflows) reported by several users
  4. Modern UI introduced May 2022 but still not read
  5. Widgets not fully usable (reported by a peer just today when reflecting about Knime)
  6. Presumably no “exit strategy” for deprecated features

Would it be an option to make a questionnaire among the community? I have gotten feedback by a few other peers that it seems Knime, whilst advancing in some areas, slowly degrading at it’s very core (this might be exaggerated but you might get the point).

Btw, the CSV writer reached 78 % after many hours. Write speed slowed to mere 70 MB/s so I got to abort that.