Parameter Optimisation loop

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Suppose you want to build a parameter optimisation loop with a LIBSVM node as in the first picture attached, how can you correctly link the variables you defined in your Parameter Optimisation Loop start with the LIBSVM flow variable pannel what are the correspondences between the option pannel and the esoteric Flow variables names (second picture) ?

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Hi Fabien, 

That looks correct.  You simply need ot override the appropriate entries in the SVM learner with the correct parameters. 

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Hi Aaaron,

The fact is the parameters in LIBSVM are :

- Type of SVM

- Kernel

- Degree

- Gamma

- Coef0

- Cost

- Nu

- Loss Epsilon

- Cachesize

- Epsilon

In the Flow variables panel are :s - t -d - g -r -c - n - p - m - e - h - b - targetcol

Of course targetol is ok, for the others you have to guess and that is my problem. I can only guess that the first c is Coef0 and not Cachesize, but how to be sure ?

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Hi Fabien,

I think the following page can help connect the two forms of parameters: LibSVM

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That's it ! Thanks.