Parent child workflow

Hi I want to pass three phases of flow where it will be a user input with the help of widget.

So that based on selection it will run the one part of workflow
How do I achieve it

Hi @elicedas,

You can add the required widget nodes and create a component for each set of widgets. So, you take the input from user then execute the following nodes based on the input values and so on. There so many example workflows on KNIME Community Hub.

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I want to use call workflow node but I am facing issues when I m connecting to knime server

Would you please provide more details about the issues you are facing?

I have a server where we run the workflow , it is throwing na "Java i/o exception : could not download ______ workflow

if I m copying the mount point url of the workflow and using in the call wf node. , this error I m facing. If I m calling it in my local desktop it’s working fine

I won’t be able to provide screenshot as it’s against the organisation policies

How can I add my server workflow and run it. Could you guide? @armingrudd

Are you using KNIME Server Connector to connect to your KNIME Server first? You need to add a “File System” input port to your Call Workflow node and then connect the KNIME Server Connector to the Call Workfllow.

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