Parsing data from single Excel file into separate CSV files and adding those files to a folder

I am trying to take data from one Excel file and use the CSV Writer node to parse data from that file into two or three separate CSV files. Where I am getting hung up is dynamically creating a folder (in my file server) that will hold the CSV files. I would like to process (write) those files to a folder using a data element from a specific cell in the Excel file as the name of the file (i.e., specific product or company). I could end up with 100+ folders.

Any thoughts on the configuration of the CSV Writer node, or is there another node I would need to add to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

@kmarrs901 maybe you can check these examples. You might provide us with a sample and your desired result.

current date/time as filename - using the create temp dir node with java edit variable node

Excel Reader - force sheet_selection “NAME” with Flow variable

even more fun with URI, URL and File Paths - work with the new Path variable format to list and move/copy files - using the latest KNIME version 4.6

Import EXCEL - a meta workflow trying to answer questions about importing data from Excel files

Extract File Name and add new extension to Path variable


Hello @kmarrs901,

This can not be done within CSV Writer node. Check out Create Folder and Create File/Folder Variables nodes. Adding them into flow should allow for folder/file creation based on data from Excel. Probably you’ll find design you need somewhere within @mlauber71’s links :slight_smile:



Thanks for the information. I appreciate the support. I will give these suggestions a try.

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