Partitioned BarChart



I am relatively new with KNIME; I would like to know how to build a BarChart that counts the number of ocurrencies of two options (values 0 and 1). I would like to have in the same column two parts (above the number of 0 and below the number of 1 of my data).

My workflow is:


This makes however two diferent columns. I don't know if I am using the correct nodes. Could you counseil me about it?

Thank you very much in advance.


Would a Color Manager solve your problem? You can assign different colors to the 0 and the 1 values and showing them in the bar chart/histogram would be separated by the colors.

Could you show a figure similar to what you want to achieve?

Thanks, gabor

Thanks for the quick answer, but ColorManager in my case is useless, because I already obtain two different columns one BESIDE another, but I want them one ABOVE the other. In addition I prefer them to be colorless.

I guess you need to use the RowID node to extract the value information from the row ID into a column that you select in the GroupBy Bar Char (JFC).

I tested with RowId, but I still obtain two columns (this time labeled as 0 and 1). I think that the problem comes from the graphical node (I am using GroupBy Bar Chart); I would need to use a graphical node that allows me to put data from two columns in a single column (ex: up the number of zeros and down the number of ones). Since I already tested all the graphical nodes that I have (KNIME v.2.7.2) I'm afraid that I didn't downloaded the correct graphical node. Here is the list of 12 charts that I have:

Bar Chart, Bubble chart, GroupBy Bar Chart, HeatMap, Histogram, Interval Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Scatter Plot, LiftChart, Pie Chart and Pie Chart (interactive).


Does anyone know of a graphNode in KNIME that alows to do STACKED BAR CHARTS?? 

Thank you all,


Could you show some fake data you want to visualize, or an example how should it look like?

I think the colors can be useful. I know you mentioned you do not want to use columns, but you can use transparent columns too if a separating line is visible between the different (but same coloured) values.

The thing that you mention the count of certain values made me think you might find the histogram useful, but I am not sure.

You can also try KNIME Report Designer or R/python/matlab plots.

Cheers, gabor

The Histogram node has an option in the view to stack data.

Thank you very much to all for the comments. Finally, I used Excel for the partitioned Bar Chart. After talking with colleagues, it seems this specific graphic cannot be donne with KNIME yet. Anyway I think KNIME is a great workflow program and I will keep using it for the other graphics!



Just for posterity, here is an example workflow demonstrating this process.



The attached image also created with KNIME, but I guess I misunderstood something. (I have to admit my solution cannot be done without manual configuration of the view, so it would not help too much attaching a workflow.)

Anyway, if you have a working procedure and KNIME fits for the other parts there are no problems. :)

Cheers, gabor

PS.: I was trying to upload as an SVG, although it seems to be disallowed. Is it a potentially dangerous file format?