Pass Flow Variable in a Component to Another Component

I’ve created a flow variable in a String Configuration node which is used in assembing a file path. Works perfectly. I’d like to pass it to another component where it also would be used to assemble a file path. Is this possible.I’ve read several similar threads, but they weren’t at all clear.

Hi @rfeigel ,

Yes it is indeed possible. It’s funny as normally the problem is that people want to be able to delete flow variables. As you have noted, whilst flow variables created elsewhere in the workflow are automatically available downstream, this is not the case with flow variables created within a component.

To make variables available downstream of the component, when you are “inside” the component, open the configuration dialog for the “Component Output” node. This will allow you to specify the flow variables that are “allowed out”.

In the above screenshot, the flow variable “SomeInternalVar” will be visible outside of the component because I’ve moved it to the right-hand panel.

I hope that helps.


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