Passing flow variable to component for Date&Time Configuration


Ok so not sure what i need to do here as so far everything i tried has failed.

In a component i placed two Date&Time Configuration nodes.
These work great.

My use case is as follows:
A user uses two instances of the component and wants only 1 date controller.
So i setup a table creator to enter the desired dates, converted to variable and connected to the component.

I allowed the flow variables into the component by setting this in the component input.

Now i am getting the following error:
Errors loading flow variables into node : Can’t parse date: 2020-06-01

what format is the configuration expecting?


Lol, ok, figured it out, it needed a full Date&Time with zone format…

very frustrating… my component now needs a helper component…

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Hi there @Gavin_Attard,

seems both Configuration and Widget node are creating full info and then just truncating depending on type chosen. But wondering how you managed to figure that out? :+1:

Anyways why do you have Configuration node for Date&Time in Component if controlling it from outside? Can’t you simply have String Configuration outside then? Same output is given - a string flow variable in containing date…


I want the component to be usable as a standalone or in multi instance.

If standalone then use the Date selectors in the component config.

If you have multiple instances, i have an additional component you can connect (or you can also use whatever logic you wish as long as the date feed in the required format. )

Hi @Gavin_Attard,

ok. I see. In this case maybe following trick can help. Use Merge Variables node in second (main) Component.
In additional Component you only need String Configuration which needs to output flow variable with same name as flow variable from Date&Time Configuration node.

From node description of above mentioned node:
“…if there are the same variables defined in different inputs, the standard conflict handling is applied: Top most inputs take priority and define the value of a variable.”

If I got you right should be usable as a standalone or in multi instance and pretty much user friendly…



genial, thanks for the tip!

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