Passing flow variables to outside of wrapped meta node


What options exists for passing a collection of flow variables from inside of a wrapped metanode to outside for successive operations. I tried with Variable–> Table Row Node and then again Table Row–> Variable, but I don’t want to keep doing this and just use the flow variable port which is convenient.

I guessed it should be simple, but it does not work. I’m I missing some thing

Thanks !

Mohammed Ayub

Hi Mohammed,

you need to enable this in the wrapped node output.
It is demoed here in the video at end.

Best, Iris

Thanks @Iris . I see that these are Quickform FlowVariables. Can only Quickforms variables be added as flow variables and how about other flow variable say (apart from KNIME workspace variable) that get created inside of the wrapped meta node… how can I pass them outside.

In my use case, Inside the wrapped metanode, I’m creating additional variables using python node and adding to flow variables. Merging all variables using Merge Variables Node and connecting to ‘Flow Variable Output Port’ which I added/Setup on the Wrapped Metanode Output. When I execute and check output port result I don’t see them.

  • Mohammed Ayub

There are two types of flow variables in KNIME

  • (Global) Workflow Variables: those you generate by right clicking on the workflow, they are available in each node in the workflow
  • Local Workflow Variables: those are generated inside a workflow and are sent via the connection to other nodes. They can be generated by quickforms, the table row to variable, or the python snippet node, and many more.

That said, I think I need a mini example :slight_smile: Can you make me one, than I check were the variables are not coming in and out.

Cheers, Iris

Hi @Iris
Sorry my bad. The above video and solution works. I was configuring the meta node differently. I realized while I was making the mini example for you :smile:

Cheers !

Mohammed Ayub

Yes, making mini examples often solves my problems as well. Or just our CTO standing behind me saying “Show me what is not working”. That always resolves the problem :slight_smile:


That’s the way to go !
BTW, I love the shortcuts in the latest release, very helpful. I hope the vision is to expand on as many shortcuts as possible :smile: it simplifies the user experience soooo much !

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Yes, we are working on the shortcuts :slight_smile: Glad you like them.

My favorite is CTRL + ALT + Scroll Wheel

To put my two cents on this:
I would love to see a shortcut for viewing the outputs of node instead of right clicking and then selecting outputs tables.
Also, not sure how the user feedback is for shortcuts on configuring / executing nodes (move away from function keys like F6,F7,F8, etc. to something Shift+,CTRL+ or ALT+), frankly its hard to reach these function keys when your using mouse with one hand and (ASWD) keys with another and you trying to code a complex logic. :slight_smile:

I’m sure your dev guys are thinking about this

You can actually do that for the first node output via Shift+F6 :slight_smile:.

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thanks @MarcelW.

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