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Hello everyone,
I am new in Knime. I added some components like “Bar Chart”, “Pie/Donut Charts” like the picture below. But, layout buttons seems not active.
I read in the forum that “the visual layout editor should only be available, if your component contains nodes with interactive views (e.g. Bar Chart) or widgets”. So, I added these buttons but the layout button still passive.

I made it.
First, I created a component with the charts.
Second, I open the component.
after running the nodes layout activated. And interactive view also available now.


Hi @necdetcilingir , welcome to the KNIME community,

Yes that’s exactly right, the component layout button defines the layout for the component you have created, so is available when you are editing inside your opened component. I’m glad to see you found your answer, and I would suggest that you mark your answer as the solution to make it easier for others to find, if they have a similar question.

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