Password inside data app

I want to create a data app for holiday planning. Has anyone ever installed a password query inside a data app?

HI @Solarianer,

Are you looking for the Credentials Widget node?

Not for credential node. The app is for personal information of colleagues (holiday planning). So I need a way to check the identity of the colleague to enter the next page with personal information. Actually I use a rule engine to compare a string input with the content of a db table to check the “password”, but this can be read in the table.

For that you need the Extract Context Properties node to get the context.workflow.user which gives you the user ID of the current user on Hub.
Then, you can use this endpoint on Hub to get the email address of the user using the GET Request node:
<your hub address>/accounts/<user ID>
For example:
For authentication, you can use KNIME Hub Authenticator before the GET Request node.

Then, I think you can do what you desire using the email address of the current user, right?

PS: Kudos to @CarlWitt :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information. I‘ll try to use it. Is it working only on the hub or on KNIME Server too?

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Works for me, thanks!

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