Path to String: Add option to create absolute path


similar to the option to copy the local path when right clicking on the workflow:


I want to suggest to add the option to create the absolute / local path in the Path to String node.


Primary reason(s) are:

  1. Adding the opportunity to quickly copy, paste and navigate to the file / folder in question in the explorer
  2. Inter-Compatibility between systems when workflows or data is exchanged
  3. Ability to pass this system but not Knime agnostic information to other apps


Hi @mwiegand,

This makes sense to prevent further manipulation. I just created a feature request ticket (AP-21229).

Thank you!


Hi @mwiegand , I was recently working on something where I had similar needs, so on seeing your post here I wondered about making a component for this purpose. I haven’t been able to test it against all of the KNIME path locations, and I know it will fail if presented with a path that ultimately doesn’t equate to a local/network folder location (e.g. a path to a hub resource) but for the type of use case I envisage where you want to expose the full path to a mapped drive, I think it works.

Never quite as good as having this baked into the node though, so I gave my vote to your suggestion!

Would be interested in any feedback/bugs …

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