PCA and variable correlation: no variable name, just row number



I am doing a PCA with R snippet in Knime:

rframe <- knime.in
res.pca=PCA(rframe,ncp=15, graph=F)


Then I am checking variable correlations with the axes:

d=dimdesc(res.pca, axes=c(1,2))
knime.in = data.frame(d$Dim.1$quanti)
knime.out= knime.in

The problem: the output of the last node does not display variable names, just row number. So how can I associate a row number to a variable? I have as many rows as I have variables, but I don't know the sort order (if any). You'll find the ouptut in attachment.


Many thanks,



Hi Romain,

this seems like an R problem. How would you see the variable names in R? 

Best, Iris

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