PCA with Rotation methods

I want to do PCA with options to extract any number of Factors that can then be rotated orthogonally, and have same info about eigenvalues, factor loadings, communalities, etc. as I have in SPSS. I have only found a Node supposedly works with R, but it won’t work because, odd enough, I have no Python installed and cannot access Conda or Miniconda.

Hi @joseidom and welcome to the forum.

Presumably you are talking about this component?

When you say you “cannot access Conda or Miniconda” do you mean you are having trouble configuring KNIME to work with Conda, or you are prohibited from installing Conda on your machine at all?

In the former case, take a look at our documentation on how to set up Conda with KNIME:


In the latter case, I think you might be out of luck, since that’s a dependency of the component.

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Thank you, Scott. It’s all solved now, Miniconda included.

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