PDB Connector error


I am trying to use PDB Connector and PDB Connector Custom Report to look for pdb but it returns me the following error:

ERROR PDB Connector 0:173 Execute failed: java.io.FileNotFoundException: http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/rest/search

I tested it both with variable and manually inserted PDB IDs, but nothing changes. Can someone help?

Hi @sdevita7,

You are not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately this is the final demise of the old webservices hosted by the RCSB PDB. We have a new PDB connector family of nodes which are very nearly release-ready (Hopefully by the end of this week at least on the nightly build channel)

See Errors from PDB Connectors for a few more details.



Hi Steve,

thanks a lot for the quick reply. I am looking forward to try the new nodes.


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