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Anyone ever pulled off page nav buttons in KNIME created PDF reports?

The number of pages per section would be variable, so I would need to jump between button locations (or table / cell locations) designated in the report designer.

Jumping up and down between hard page breaks would be a decent temporary workaround as well if that can be accomplished.

That would at least allow users to jump between sections instead of scrolling large numbers of pages and possibly missing new section changes.

You wanted to add additional buttons to the PDF?

That should be possible with Hyperlinks. Here you can find a small example: How to get hyperlinks in BIRT report viewer - Stack Overflow

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Here is a clearer example of my goal: Each summary section needs a clickable title which would be used to navigate to a corresponding title location where there is a detailed breakdown of that information. The exact page number of the target link location would be variable, so I really need to target “grid locations” or otherwise define a variable target before report creation.

Unfortunately I have been digging pretty deep into hyperlinks, and still haven’t found a way to use them for dynamic internal document page navigation. Their built in functionality seems to only be designed for external web and document links. In PDF nomenclature the functionality I am looking for is “go to page view”, however it needs to be built natively into the BIRT process instead of hard coded since the number of report pages per section is variable.

I am not very strong in JavaScript, but I may try adding some custom code into the report script. My thought was that if I defined the target locations as parameters, then I can create dynamic hyperlinks to those parameters? However, unless BIRT supports “go to page view” then I doubt it work work after PDF creation anyway.

I am able to designate the variable title locations as PDF “Bookmarks” using the Table of Contents under properties in BIRT (surround text in quotation marks). Already way more user friendly.

The next goal is to designate hyperlink locations as BIRT bookmarks, create internal hyperlinks to those bookmark locations. It seems like it should work, but getting eclipse errors in report at this point.

That did it!

To create “PDF Bookmarks” - Enter your bookmark name under Table of Contents (found under Properties) surrounded by quotes.

To create internal PDF navigation hyperlinks - Name your destinations under Bookmarks (found under Properties) surrounded by quotes with no spaces or special characters. Then go to the area that you want to create the hyperlink. Go to hyperlink under properties, then edit, then select “Internal Bookmark”, then select your destination name under the bookmark dropdown.

The hyperlink option doesn’t appear when using hard coded text in BIRT, so the workaround I am using is to bring in any text that I want to use for a hyperlink from the workflow. Then the option appears.

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